MRI SCAN LONDON If you are looking for a private MRI in London, consider visiting the site of our clients, MRI Scans London. They use a large magnet and radio waves to look at organs and structures inside your body.

MRI scans can diagnose a variety of conditions, from heart disease to tumours. MRI Scans London explains: “They are very useful for examining the organs in detail, producing images which enable the consultant radiologists to detect any abnormalities.”

During the scan, you will lie on a bed that slides inside a machine, called an open ring MRI scanner. The scan is painless and you must lie still. 

All their private MRI in London are conducted in the world renowned Harley Street, one of the major medical centres in the world.

The duration of your MRI scan varies depending on the package of your choice.  An image disc and a hard copy of your full report will be provided to you, which is signed off by a specialist consultant radiologist. 

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