Digital Marketing

We spend time getting to know your business and objectives.

Until recently, the history of digital has been about data, direct response, sales and commerce. Those things haven’t gone away, but they’re being subsumed in a social tide that places the emphasis on reputation, authority, emotion and values. This social engagement has had a profound and practical effect on the mainstays of digital marketing


Performance Monitoring

We use web based analytic software made by Google to congregate data about daily visitor activity. From collected information we organize reports and conclude what pages are performing better than others and if visitors discover the site with any relevant search terms.

Online visibility

You can increase online visibility, drive a higher volume and quality of traffic, encourage engagement and improve conversions with LiveMKT’s Digital Marketing services.

Integrating tightly into the project lifecycle, our consultants work closely with internal stakeholders and project teams to identify your organisation’s digital objectives, delivering a marketing strategy that facilitates long-term success far beyond the product launch.

Incorporating a wide range of disciplines including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Strategy, and Data Analytics, each area is supported by expert implementation and monitoring services for ongoing enhancements to your online strategy.

Flexible approach

Whether you are about to launch your brand online or have an existing website, with decades of experience across a range of sectors and industries our team’s flexible and adaptive approach enables the creation of tailored plans to drive real results.

We employ the most effective techniques and activities, from standalone services such as social media training, campaign copywriting and SEO and PPC audits to comprehensive strategies that blend multiple touch points with traditional marketing activities, for a solution that perfectly suits your goals and scope.

PPC Management

Paid search campaigns blend keyword selection, advert and landing page optimisation, account management and more to drive interested visitors to key areas of your site.

SEO Services

Effective, long-term search strategies combine the most powerful organic techniques to drive traffic and conversions while ensuring optimal returns.

Social Media Management

Social media campaigns deliver targeted messages through the most relevant networks for measurable results, generating conversations, interaction, sharing and more.